Yoga Teaching, Yoga Therapy and Yoga Teacher-Training

General Yoga Teaching (A&B) is the standard activity provided for by Yoga-Link.  The certificate we issue confirms the activities covered, and it is this document you may have to show to prospective employers in order to provide evidence of insurance in force.

General Yoga Teaching would include the usual yoga disciplines (postures, breathing, relaxation, meditation etc) for adults and children.  If you are also a Complementary Therapist, Yoga Therapist or Teacher-Trainer you may need extra cover for these activities too.   There are also other options that can be included subject to proper qualification/training.

Yoga-Link – the full range of activities we can cover

A.  Yoga for Adults

(i) General Yoga Teaching for Adults

(ii) Training Programme as specified (when A (i) Gen. Yoga isn’t considered suitable)

B.  Yoga for Children

(i) Baby Yoga (with Parent)

(ii) Aged 2-7 Years

(iii) Aged 8-12 Years

(iv) Aged 13-17 Years

(v) Children’s Yoga Programme for Adults

(vi) Children’s Yoga for Demonstration purposes

(vii) Children’s Yoga for the Family

(viii) Training Programme as specified under (when B (i) to B (iv) Yoga isn’t suitable)

C: Yoga Therapy Practitioners

(i) Remedial Yoga

(ii) Pre/Ante Natal

(iii) Post Natal

(iv) Mother & Baby Classes/Infant Massage

D: GP Referrals

(i) Yoga Teaching only

(ii) Yoga Teaching & Yoga Therapy

E: Teacher Training


Extra Temporary Teaching Overseas extension

Public Liability Premises Risk

(i) At-Home

(ii) Studio

Yoga-Link – the full range of activities we can cover (continued)

Guest Tutor Liability

Locum Teacher Liability

Other Activities/Therapies as declared

The main points about the policy cover provided by Yoga-Link: –

  1. Annual contract renewable each year
  2. Malpractice with Public/Products Liability, known as Professional Liability insurance
  3. Underwritten by Novae Underwriting Limited
  4. Limit of Indemnity £7,000,000 as standard
  5. Written on a ‘Losses-Occurring’ basis* (see under)
  6. Optional Legal Expenses can be added (underwritten by Abbey Legal)

Documents: –

  1. A Scheme enquiry form can be filled in beforehand or verbally over the telephone
  2. A full summary of cover is available on request
  3. We issue the following documents confirming cover:  copy statement of facts, personalized schedule and certificate plus policy document

Cover can be arranged immediately during normal office hours and a certificate issued electronically in confirmation.

*Losses-Occurring explained

There are two primary forms of liability insurance policies – ‘Claims-Made’ and ‘Losses- Occurring’ policies. Most Professional Liability insurance is written on a ‘Claims-Made’ basis.

However you are insured on a ‘Losses Occurring’ basis. This is very beneficial for yoga teachers and means that the cover with Yoga-Link indemnifies teachers in respect of incidents/losses occurring during the defined period of insurance underwritten by Novae Underwriting Ltd.

It is still important to maintain continuity of cover by renewing promptly while teaching.  Failure to do so could mean that cover would be lapsed and your students left unprotected.   However, the ‘Losses-Occurring’ wording means that the policy can still provide cover for incidents that arose prior to the date of cancellation.