Yoga-Link fact sheet No. 2


Are you a Yoga Therapist?

If all you do is teach general Yoga classes then, probably not.  However, if you address your students’ physical/medical conditions in class, or else work in this way using ‘one to one’ sessions or specialised classes i.e. by working therapeutically, then dependent upon the precise nature of your work, you could be regarded as a Yoga Therapy Practitioner.  

Yoga Therapy includes the following:

  1. Ante/Pre-natal and Post-natal Yoga
  2. Mother and Baby Yoga Classes
  3. Remedial Yoga for Medical Conditions including Cancer, Stroke, Heart Disease or other Chronic Ailments

It is important to note the difference between a) teaching general yoga to a pregnant student or else a student with a particular medical condition within a normal class, and b) using Yoga specifically to address such conditions.  

What is Yoga Therapy?

“Yoga therapy is deemed to have taken place when a Yoga Therapist sees a student or group with the primary aim of addressing a health issue, be that physical, mental or emotional, specific to that student or group, based on the principles of Yoga practice”.  (Original definition provided by British Council for Yoga Therapy)

In relatively recent times Underwriters have become more aware and interested in the precise activities of Yoga teachers and therapists together with the nature and characteristics of their students and/or patients.  Previously, they were content to accept all under a generic ‘yoga’ classification.

Yoga Therapy Practitioners need to arrange insurance based upon their actual activities.  The cost is slightly higher than for general Yoga teaching because it is considered that a Yoga Therapist has a greater duty of care to his/her patient/s, than exists within a normal teacher-student relationship.

Extra and specific training is also necessary for anyone practising in these areas.  There are an increasing number of training providers available in the UK, so it should not be too difficult to identify a suitable course.

We can include Remedial cover or Pregnancy classes, subject to confirmation that the training undertaken includes sufficient specialist study in these areas.  The Training School or Trainer will be able to confirm this and we may require written confirmation at DSC if there is any doubt associated with a particular qualification.