Yoga-Link fact sheet No. 2a


Why is this Yoga Therapy?

There is a world of difference between teaching yoga to a student who is pregnant and teaching ‘Pregnancy Yoga’.

All Yoga Teacher Training courses might be expected to touch upon the possibility of catering for a pregnant lady in a general class.  There are prohibitions and modifications as regards postures and breathing practices that student teachers would be made aware of.  

Also, a number of Yoga teachers will have worked through their own pregnancy term, and can therefore testify just how much yoga helped during this period up to the birth.

Ante Natal classes in yoga address the pregnant students in a holistic way whereby yoga practices are used to endeavour to reduce discomfort for the mother, aid healthy development of the unborn child and to work towards an easier birth than might otherwise have been possible.

The teacher is required to understand the anatomical, physiological and emotional changes that occur during the pregnancy term.  They have to facilitate a gentle awareness of these changes in each student from conception through to birth, and often beyond too.

In so doing, the yoga teacher is both addressing ‘the condition’ and using yoga therapeutically, which therefore constitutes ‘Yoga Therapy’.


The same depth of understanding is also required after the baby is born as the mother experiences further physical and emotional changes.  Yoga teachers have to recognize different levels of fitness and also deal with the diversity of birth and motherhood issues that their students experience.

Standard Teacher-Training and personal experiences are not considered sufficient to permit teachers to offer specialized Pregnancy Yoga.  For these types of yoga, additional specialist training has to be undertaken.  Moreover, as ‘Yoga therapy’, the training must be conducted directly by tutor to student teacher.  Distance learning or other correspondence courses are not acceptable to the underwriters.

There are an increasing number of training providers available in the UK, so it should not be too difficult to identify a suitable course.

We can include Pregnancy Yoga classes, subject to confirmation that the training undertaken includes sufficient specialist study in these areas.  The Training School or Trainer will be able to confirm this and we may require written confirmation at DSC if there is any doubt associated with a particular qualification.