Yoga-Link fact sheet No. 2b


Why is this Yoga Therapy?

 Baby yoga is designed to offer gentle physical stimulation through flowing, rhythmic movements and passive stretching.  This coupled with holding and the use of both touch and voice helps to strengthen the bond between mother and baby, thereby encouraging deep relaxation.  It can establish a happy and lively parent-infant interaction which will develop further as the babies grow.

This stimulation arises from the involvement of mother and baby together but it also requires a thorough grounding and specialist training in the subject on the part of the Baby Yoga instructor who leads the class to facilitate these enhanced mother and baby relationships.

Because of the vulnerability of babies there is a special duty of care and responsibility on the part of the Baby Yoga teacher to ensure a safe working environment for all their charges.  It is this duty of care that causes the underwriters of our insurance schemes to designate Baby Yoga and/or Infant Massage as Yoga Therapy.


Post Natal Yoga and Baby Yoga can be taught together.  However for insurance purposes we treat them separately i.e. Post Natal Yoga is for the Mothers and Baby Yoga is where Babies are involved and the focus of the class.

The insurance is endorsed to the effect that the mother/parent is at all times responsible for their own baby, other than when under instruction for Baby Yoga or Infant Massage.


We can insure Baby Yoga, and/or Infant Massage in isolation, as a primary, secondary or multi therapy, subject to confirmation that the training undertaken includes sufficient specialist study in these areas.  The Training School or Trainer will be able to confirm this and we may require written confirmation at DSC if there is any doubt associated with a particular qualification.