Yoga[a]-Link fact sheet No. 4


Do you teach Yoga to Children?

Although there are no specific insurance requirements, we do advocate seeking a ‘disclosure’ from the Criminal Records Bureau (CRB), which superseded the old Police check.  Clearly, the safety of children and vulnerable people more generally is an absolute priority and obtaining a disclosure for your own protection, even if the authorities might not insist upon this, can also assist the employment process.

These disclosures can either be standard or enhanced, depending upon the nature of your responsibilities, and to obtain one as a self-employed or freelance teacher you have to apply through a CRB registered ‘umbrella organisation’.  Yoga-Link uses Lloyd Education for this purpose and if you would like more information and an applicant’s pack, you can contact them directly: –

Lloyd Education

6 Houghton Place

Rushmere St Andrew


Suffolk  IP4 5UX

Telephone/Facsimile:  01473 718504 – Email: 

Please understand that a child as defined by the Children Act 1989 is ‘a young person under the age of 18’.  It is important therefore to have an enhanced disclosure in a situation where you have student/s in your class/es under the age of 18 and who are unaccompanied either by a parent or another adult in loco parentis.

Insofar as insurance is concerned, the Underwriters already acknowledge the special duty of care owed by the Yoga Teacher to children in his/her care.  Although it is not considered there is any greater likelihood of injury during instruction than for adults, in recent times, there has obviously been greater awareness about the potential for abuse.

Because of this, the underwriters exclude abuse from the cover provided.  It wasn’t ever the intention to provide indemnity for ‘abusers’ under these liability contracts, and Yoga-Link policyholders are simply being treated in the same way as everyone else in this regard.

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