Yoga-Link fact sheet number five


Are there occasions when other instructors are invited to teach your students?

If you occasionally introduce your students or student teachers to other Yoga teachers or specialist tutors and are unsure that these teachers have insurance themselves, you might wish to consider this.  

Guest Tutor’s Liability extends to indemnify you if you arrange Seminars, Workshops, Master Classes or Retreats where specialists, masters or other experts are brought in especially, sometimes from overseas.


An amended certificate is issued that states “Guest Tutor Liability” and the policy is also endorsed with the following wording to extend the cover provided:

Guest Tutor Liability Extension

This policy is extended to indemnify any guest tutor temporarily working on behalf of the Insured for a maximum of 30 days in all in any Period of Insurance as though that guest tutor were the Insured subject to that guest tutor agreeing to be bound by the terms and conditions of this policy and subject to Insurers total aggregate liability under this policy remaining unaltered.

This clause confers benefits only upon the Insured as named in the Schedule and for the purposes of the contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999 it is hereby noted and agreed that the parties to this contract do not intend – this policy or any term of this policy or of any endorsement to be enforceable by any other person

All other terms, conditions, exclusions and limitations in this policy remain unaltered.

Although many National/International Yogis would carry their own insurance, it cannot be assumed that this is always the case.  

If you are either unsure that someone has the cover needed or you are reluctant to enquire too closely on the subject, you might consider it worthwhile to protect your own position by adding an extension of cover to your own Yoga-Link certificate.

Please ask for a quotation if you wish to add this cover to your policy.