Yoga-Link fact sheet no. 7

Home Practitioner

Your Professional Liability insurance covers your teaching work from wherever you conduct classes.  However, increasing numbers of Yoga teachers/therapists are now working from their own (home) premises, which means that there is also a need for Public Liability cover whilst in a non-teaching situation e.g. a student tripping over your steps or stairs and holding you responsible as the property owner/occupier.  Such cover is required to protect your legal liability to third parties who enter your premises.

While it is usual for your Instructor’s indemnity insurance to be valid throughout the UK, and/or extending to the policy geographical limits, regardless of venue, we do urge you to ensure that the Public Liability Premises risk is covered.  

At DSC we offer a number of options to help with this:  –  

  1. Yoga-Link Public Liability Premises extension

Subject to completion of a simple statement of facts, the cover provided by your own Yoga-Link Instructor’s Indemnity insurance can be extended.  The premium is rated upon the number of sessions or classes held weekly and/or the number of instructors involved.  

We recognize that it can be complicated to arrange domestic household insurance if you teach from home, whereby students have access to most parts of your home.  We can therefore introduce you to a Personal Lines insurance specialist that can provide this type of cover at reasonable rates.  This needs to be done in conjunction with Yoga-Link because the Public Liability premises risk is attached to the teaching policy, rather than the household policy.  

This is an important issue for people working from home and sadly one for which the ramifications are often overlooked.  Our advice is to check you have the cover you need and if you are in any doubt we urge you to contact us.  If you would like a quotation for your Household insurance:  –

  1. You can contact us via the usual means, and we will put you in touch with a specialist Household Insurance  adviser

DSC can arrange for Business contents to be insured separately from your Household policy if applicable, although it would normally be more advantageous to keep them together:  –  

  1. At-Home Surgery/Studio Insurance or properties elsewhere

Finally, if you teach or practice from a bespoke Yoga Studio or Centre away from your home and require insurance for that property and its contents, we can help with those matters ourselves.  Please call us.