Yoga-Link fact sheet number nine


Are you a Teacher Trainer/Tutor?

If you are involved in training other Yoga Teachers, either individually or under the auspices of a training school, then it is recommended that you extend your cover to include full Professional Indemnity insurance.

Such cover includes advice given and therefore indemnifies the Trainer against accusations of poor or inadequate teaching.  Your existing malpractice cover includes professional negligence up to a point but only where there is direct injury to a student involved.  The full Professional Indemnity cover goes further by indemnifying you against claims for financial loss where there is no injury involved.

An amended certificate is issued that states (e) Teacher Training (Includes Full Professional Indemnity cover) and the policy is also endorsed with the following wording to extend the cover provided:

Yoga Teaching PI Extension


Insuring Clause A is amended to read as follows: Any Claim first made against the Insured during the Period of Insurance arising from any negligent act, error or omission committed by the Insured in the course of services or contractual obligations undertaken by the Insured to a patient or patients, student or students in or about the conduct of the Insured’s Profession or Good Samaritan Acts.

To add or include Teacher Training cover now, please contact us with details of your own training/experience and we will be happy to provide a quotation (charged pro rata when added mid-term).

Commercial Legal Expenses

We also recommend that you consider adding/extending this cover to include ‘Contract’.  This would give protection for any contractual disputes arising from your business including any with students that fail to abide by your training course requirements and resulting in a dispute that might not be possible to resolve amicably.

Further details are provided about this cover in another of our fact sheets – number 12 (a) entitled “An Introduction to Legal Expenses Contract cover”.