How to Apply for a Baby Wearing / Sling Libraries quote


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Sling Library Name (as you would like it to appear on the policy)

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Activities for which cover is required
Babywearing Consultant (qualified)Babywearing Advisor (student)Peer Supporter

Are you fully qualified?

If your training is ongoing when are you scheduled to complete it?

What training programme/s have you undertaken? Please provide details of qualification/ certificate/diploma
(Please list all relevant training and training school attended)

Please confirm date this was obtained
(In the event of a claim evidence of your qualification will be required)

Is your qualification recognised by another Accrediting Body? If so who?

(In the event of a claim evidence will be required)

Is cover required for a Sling Library?

Does the Sling Library have any self- employed peers/enablers/helpers? If so, how many?
(cover is provided for up to 5 automatically under Sling Library cover)

Do you require Employer’s Liability cover?

Have you held Indemnity Insurance before? If yes, is this current or recently lapsed? (Please give expiry date if applicable)

When would you like your cover to start?

Do you require cover for any additional activities other than those listed above?
If so, please give full details.

Any quotation/insurance we may provide will be based on the following assumptions that we have made about you:

  • You have not had any claims made against you, or incidents that would give rise to a claim under this policy, during the last 5 years as a result of any negligence, error or omission arising out of your business. Neither are you aware of any circumstances that may result in any such claim being made against you.
  • No company has ever declined your proposal, cancelled or refused to renew your policy or required special terms or conditions.
  • You do not have any convictions that are not spent under the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act.
  • You have never been declared bankrupt or insolvent or been disqualified from being a company director.
  • You have never been subject to a disciplinary hearing or suspended from any professional organisation.

If any of these assumptions are incorrect please contact us with full details.