First Aid Practitioners / Trainers, First Response / Paramedics and /or Health & Safety Consulting / Training & Advice


It is very important that you carefully read all of this Statement.

Your policy is based on the information you have provided to us, and on the following assumptions made about you as shown in the Details below.

  • You have not had any claims made against you or incidents that would give rise to a claim under this policy during the last 5 years as a result of any negligence or error or omission arising out of your business and you are not aware of any circumstances that may result in any such claim being made against you.
  • No company has declined your proposal, cancelled or refused to renew your policy or required special terms or conditions.
  • You do not have any convictions that are not spent under the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act
  • You have never been declared Bankrupt or insolvent or been disqualified from being a company director.
  • You have never been subject to a disciplinary hearing or suspended from any Professional Organisation.
  • You and all other trainers engaged on your behalf are Fully Qualified for all the activities required and your qualifications are kept up to date where applicable.
  • In the event of a claim evidence of your relevant training/qualification(s) will be required.
  • If your activities include Health and Safety* – All work undertaken is within the United Kingdom and you confirm that you do not undertake any work in the following sectors; Aircraft /Space, Asbestos, Chemical, Power Industry, Offshore (Rigs. Platforms, Marine etc) Pharmaceutical, Nuclear, Railways, Oil &/or Gas, Amusement Park/ Fairgrounds

The details below and any other information provided by you, or on your behalf, before the commencement date of this policy, are incorporated in and form the basis of your insurance policy. We have relied on this information in offering this policy to you on its current terms.

WARNING – If any of this information is incorrect you must contact us immediately to ensure that we pass that information on to the underwriters. We reserve the right in accordance with the terms of your policy to amend the Premium and/or terms and conditions or cancel your policy if there is a material inaccuracy in this information.

If you fail to advise us that the information is inaccurate, we may avoid the cover, with the result that you would not have insurance for any Claims during the period. If you are in any doubt whether a fact is material, you should disclose it.

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First Aid at WorkFirst Aid at EventsCommunity First RespondersCertified Medical First Responder / Paramedics

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Extra Help for First Aid at Events

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Employers Liability – If required, please state annual wage roll.

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Professional Liability cover for Companies -

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Additional Policies available to enhance your cover.

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Company Legal Expenses – Standard (up to 5 employees)
Company Legal Expenses – including Contract Cover (up to 5 employees)
If you require cover for more than 5 employees please contact us.
Personal / Sole Trader Legal Expenses – Standard
Individual Personal Accident & Sickness
(If required we will need you to complete a separate proposal / application form. Please contact us for details.)

Fact Sheet

First Aid Practitioners / Trainers, First Response / Paramedics And /or Health & Safety Consulting / Training & Advice

Are you a First Aid or Health & Safety Trainer/Instructor?

If you are involved in training, either individually or under the auspices of a training company, it is important that your Professional Liability cover extends to include full Professional Indemnity insurance.

Such cover includes advice given and therefore indemnifies the Trainer against accusations of poor or inadequate training and against claims for financial loss where there is no injury involved.

The policy is endorsed with the following wording to extend the existing Malpractice cover provided:

Training PI Extension

Insuring Clause A is amended to read as follows: Any Claim first made against the Insured during the Period of Insurance arising from any negligent act, error or omission committed by the Insured in the course of services or contractual obligations undertaken by the Insured to a patient or patients, client or clients in or about the conduct of the Insured’s Profession or Good Samaritan Acts.

Temporary or Locum Practitioners for Events

Are there occasions when other Practitioners work for you?

If you occasionally bring in additional Practitioners e.g. to help provide First Aid at Events you need to establish that these practitioners have insurance themselves, or else you need to arrange cover for them.

This Temporary/Locum Liability extension indemnifies you and other Practitioners that are brought in during the period of insurance.

The premium is calculated taking both the number of Events covered and the number of Practitioners for whom cover is required.

Occasional Trainers, Assessors or Practitioners

Are there occasions when other Trainers / Assessors/ Practitioners work for you?

If you occasionally introduce your clients/students to other Trainers/ Assessors / Practitioners and are unsure that these trainers have insurance themselves, you might wish to consider this.

Occasional Trainers/Locum Liability extends to indemnify you, where up to 5 other Trainers / Assessors / Practitioners are brought in especially (maximum 14 sessions / days per each Trainer / Assessor / Practitioners per annum).

Although many First Aiders would carry their own insurance, it cannot be assumed that this is always the case. Similarly, occasional trainers providing cover on an irregular basis may not have kept their insurance in force, especially if they consider themselves to be (semi) retired.

If you are either unsure that someone has the cover needed or else use freelancers sporadically, you might consider it worthwhile to protect your company’s position by adding an extension of cover to your Care-Sure certificate.

Professional Liability cover for Companies

Our scheme insurance provides cover directly to the trainer/ assessor /practitioner named on the policy. However, many engaged additional help using other people who arrange their own insurance.

Where this relationship exists, it may not be sufficient for the trainer alone to have Professional Liability insurance because the aggrieved customer/client/ student /patient intent upon pursuing a claim, may seek to do so against that party with whom the class or treatment was arranged, as well as the instructor/practitioner involved. By arranging contingency cover you can ensure that your vicarious liability is indemnified in case such a claim is made against you or your organisation.

Contingency cover – the cost

The cost is based upon your working turnover and assumes that all regular instructors/practitioners have their own individual insurance in place. However, the contingency cost is a fraction of the standard individual rate payable for all regular trainers/practitioners, as might be expected.

First Aid Practitionerincludes First Aid at work, Good Samaritans Acts, First Aid at Events plus Training and Instruction. The use of Defibrillation Equipment, Portable Oxygen/Gases and Drugs is permitted when properly and suitably qualified.

*Health & Safety Consulting / Training and Advice can include the following activities/disciplines subject to you being fully qualified and that your qualifications are kept up to date where applicable.

  • Accident Investigation
  • Administering Gases
  • Administering Medicines – Anaphylaxis & Auto Injector
  • Breakaway Training
  • Close Protection
  • Communication Skills, Equality & Diversity Disability Awareness
  • CONDO (Contractors on Deployment Overseas)
  • Confined Spaces
  • Conflict Management
  • Dementia Awareness
  • Evacuation Chair Training
  • Fire Risk Assessment
  • Fire Safety
  • Fire Training/Fighting
  • Food Hygiene/Safety
  • Health MOT
  • Infection Control
  • IPAF (The International Powered Access Federation)
  • Life Guard Training
  • Manual Handling
  • Medication Awareness
  • NVQ Assessing
  • Occupational H&S
  • PASMA (Prefabricated Access Suppliers’ & Manufacturers’ Association)
  • PATS (Passenger Assistant Training)
  • Personal Safety at Work
  • Physical Intervention
  • Risk Assessments
  • Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults
  • Other Classroom Subjects

Employers Liability Insurance
This type of insurance is a statutory requirement for anybody employing staff irrespective of whether wages/salaries are paid. All employers have an absolute duty of care to their workers, which explains why this class of insurance is mandatory in the UK.
ELTO – All Insurers on our panel have become members of the Employers Liability Tracing Office (ELTO). This is a new requirement from the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) which requires Insurers to submit details of all new and renewed Employers Liability Insurance policies.
The decision to form the ELTO was undertaken as a commitment from the Insurance Industry to people who suffer illness or injury in the workplace and need help identifying their Employers Liability Insurers.
Before you arrange Employers Liability cover we will need your Employer Reference Number (ERN). This is the unique number for employees’ income tax and national insurance contributions which every company operating a PAYE scheme will have.
ERN – Your Company will have an Employers Reference Number (ERN). This is the Employer PAYE reference and should include additional references for any separate subsidiary companies that you administer.
For your assistance the ERN reference can be found on the following documents, P45 , P60, P11/D and most payslips, in the following formats:-

  • NNN/Aznnnnn – for references allocated after 2001
  • NNN/Annnnn – for references allocated prior to 2001.

The only exception where you may not have an ERN is if payments to all employees fall below the PAYE threshold.

Equipment and Products Extension

Cover can include Property insurance on application. We extend the cover provided by an endorsement adding the Equipment and Products extension.

Although this facility is not necessarily the most competitive way to insure contents we consider it important to provide the option for those clients that may require it.

The cover provided is for ‘All Risks’ based on the sum insured nominated and subject to an unspecified item single article limit of £500.00. Any single item worth more must be individually specified.

Main Policy Exclusions: –

  1. the first £500 of each Claim.
  2. loss or damage by theft or any attempt thereat not involving entry to or exit from the Premises by forcible and violent means.
  3. any property otherwise insured.
  4. loss or damage arising from wear and tear or from any process of cleaning, dyeing, restoring,
    adjusting or repairing.
  5. loss or damage arising from or attributable to the action of light or atmosphere, moths parasites, vermin, corrosion, dampness, marring, scratching, bruising or deterioration.
  6. loss or damage (other than by fire) to any machine or apparatus arising from mechanical or electrical breakdown or derangement or arising from adjustment, maintenance or repair.
  7. erasure or distortion of information on computer systems or their records.
  8. loss by official confiscation or detention.
  9. loss of or damage to money, documents, securities, motor vehicles, caravans, boats, cycles, household goods, sports equipment or contact or corneal lenses.
  10. loss or damage by theft from an unattended motor vehicle unless
    1. it is securely locked at all points of access.
    2. in a saloon car all stock and equipment is kept in a locked boot.
    3. in an estate car, van or hatchback all stock is concealed from view.
    4. an anti-theft alarm is fitted and such alarm is in full and effective operation.
    5. stock and equipment is removed from any unattended motor vehicle outside Business hours and kept in the Insured’s locked Premises or locked private dwelling house, unless the unattended vehicle is kept in a locked garage.
    6. loss of or damage to any item exceeding £500 unless specified in the proposal.

Insurers Minimum Security Warranty will apply.

If you require further details regarding this cover, please contact us.

Legal Expenses

This policy is administered and managed by Abbey Legal Protection and underwritten by Markel International and it provides cover for claims where no injury occurs. This insurance includes:

  • 24/7 Legal Help line: Criminal Prosecutions – including allegations of sexual misconduct/abuse (providing you plead not guilty throughout the case)
  • Taxation – indemnifying accountancy costs in the event of an HMRC investigation
  • Property Disputes – concerning the occupancy of premises
  • A stress counselling helpline

Further details can be found in our Legal Expenses – Key Facts, which will be sent out with your quotation.

Care-4 Personal Accident Insurance

This policy is underwritten by Novae Underwriting Limited and is primarily designed to protect your income, this policy provides benefits for all the activities/occupations shown on your Professional Indemnity Certificate. In the event of disability following an accident it will provide benefit for Temporary Total Disablement commensurate with earnings.

Claims made will be subject to terms and conditions and require supporting documentation.

Further details can be found in our Care-4 Personal Accident Insurance – Key Facts, which will be sent out with your quotation.