DSC-Strand Ltd t/as DSC Insurance Services provide a specialist insurance service

Who do we arrange cover for?

One of the main specialities of DSC Insurance is arranging insurance for instructors.  These generally fall into 5 categories: –

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We also arrange insurance for the following:

What is covered?

The standard cover provided is Professional Liability incorporating Malpractice & Public/Products Liability to an indemnity limit of £7m and written on a ‘losses occurring’ basis.

The scheme policy is an annual contract available for residents of Great Britain and all Ireland and automatically provides cover throughout these countries and temporarily teaching overseas (excluding USA & Canada and territories under their jurisdiction).

It indemnifies the instructor’s legal liabilities to third parties, including the students in their charge. It protects the instructor against errors or omissions that might give rise to accidental damage to, or loss of property, or injury to persons – but only ‘pays out’ when it can be established that the instructor is ‘legally’ liable.

Additional Covers Available:

  • Legal Expenses cover can be added to protect the yoga teacher in the event of allegations of abuse, disputes concerning premises, investigations by HMRC into tax affairs and provide access to a 24/7 Legal Helpline.
  • Care-4 Personal Accident Insurance contract focuses upon accidents to you, the instructor/trainer and as such, it too will be suitable for your needs. This policy also has the flexibility to increase cover to include other occupations and sickness cover. (You will need a UK national Insurance number to apply for Care-4)