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About Care-Sure

Care-Sure is an insurance scheme especially designed for instructors and therapists from all Fitness and Health traditions and catering for their specialist needs.  Protect your students’ interests by ensuring that your legal liability to those in your charge is adequately covered.

Who is it for?

This insurance is for Tai Chi Instructors.  We provide cover for both Health Tai Chi and Martial Tai Chi as Professional Liability incorporating Malpractice & Public/Products Liability to an indemnity limit of £7m as standard for Health.  The Public Liability limit is the same for Martial but we apply an inner indemnity ring of £250,000 for contact work in combat and competitions.  The policy is written on a ‘losses occurring’ basis.

We accept Martial Arts enquiries where: –

  • Applicants are Fitness/Personal Trainers where we understand their background training
  • It is a bolt-on to Health Tai Chi which is more prevalent.  Martial includes vigorous contact work, combat and competitions usually incorporating blocks, kicks, blows and throws.

Health Tai Chi would incorporate ‘pushing hands’ and weapons forms.

Because our policy wording is much wider than that often obtained by Martial Arts practitioners, we don’t provide additional separate student liability cover.  Some underwriters insist on all students carrying their own students’ liability policy as well, possibly in an attempt to restrict the liability of the instructor.  Conversely we take the view that the instructor is responsible for all that goes on in the practice hall.

The Care-Sure policy is an annual contract available for residents of Great Britain and all Ireland and automatically provides cover throughout these countries and temporarily overseas (excluding USA & Canada).

It indemnifies the instructor’s legal liabilities to third parties, including the clients or students in their charge. It protects against errors or omissions that might give rise to accidental damage to, or loss of property, or injury to persons – but only ‘pays out’ when it can be established that the practitioner is ‘legally’ liable.

Gyms, Fitness Centres and Training Schools can all be accommodated under the Care-Sure scheme too, to include additional cover such as for Employers Liability, Contingent Liability, Guest Tutor Liability, Teacher-Training and Legal Expenses for Companies. Contact us for more information.

tai chi insurance

How to Apply

Our rates can vary depending on where and with whom you trained because there are a number of different group discounts available.

We need you to supply us with certain information before we can confirm a quotation and/or issue cover. You can either download a form or send/email it back to us.   Alternatively we can discuss your requirements more generally by phone and run through the questions with you verbally. Either way, we can arrange cover quickly for you.

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